Power & Privilege in Canada

There’s been a lot of public discourse on racism, power & privilege, white supremacy and how it shows up in every day life in Canada for specific populations in Canada. That this is not seen or experienced by many people in society creates great distress and tension when major events that affect only certain populations…More

A tale of Asian triangulation and what that has to do with racism.

Let’s channel our own experiences of racist harm and ensure that we are working in solidarity for equity for all Black, Indigenous and People of Colour in Canada Introductory Preface: My reflections and reactions to the tragic shooting targeting Asian women in Atlanta, Georgia on March 16, 2021 Like so many Asians in North America,…More

Christmas will be different this year, and it’ll be okay~

Christmas will be different this year, and it’ll be okay~ COVID-Chronicles 1: Originally published on Dec 12, 2020 on amytanmd.medium.com~ It was our first Christmas together as husband and wife. We had just gotten married in September, and moved into our first home we purchased with our own money (and a little help from a big…More

2020 Chronicles: A year of anguish, despair, uncertainty & hope.~

COVID Chronicles 2 ~ Originally published on Dec 12, 2020 on amytanmd.medium.com~ I wrote a lot during this year to help with my own processing as a physician, as an activist, and as a human being. Here are some of my stories that captured the many intense emotions and thoughts that I had at various points…More

The haunting death that fuels my passion: a personal reflection~

Orginally published Sept 17, 2015 on amytan.medium.com~ “A young mother of 4 children in her 40’s, M*, was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer 4 weeks ago. She was referred, at the time of diagnosis, to a (new to her) family doctor who provides home visits for palliative care patients. At the first home visit, the…More