Peer-reviewed medical journal publications

Advance Care Planning, Primary Palliative Care, Shared Decision-Making, Doctor-Patient Communication, Family Medicine Education


Family physicians supporting patients with palliative care needs within the Patient Medical Home in the community: An Appreciative Inquiry qualitative studyAmy Tan, R Spice, A Sinnarajah


Exploring patient-reported barriers to advance care planning in family practice– C Bernard, Amy Tan, M Slaven, D Elston, DK Heyland, M Howard

Finding common ground to achieve a “good death”: family physicians working with substitute decision-makers of dying patients. A qualitative grounded theory study -Amy Tan, D Manca

BMC Fam Practice 2013 Jan 22;14:14. doi: 10.1186/1471-2296-14-14

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Twelve points to consider when talking to a medical student about a career in family medicine- K Horrey, C Davidson, A Tan

Advance Care Planning:

Primary care clinicians’ confidence, willingness participation and perceptions of roles in advance care planning discussions with patients: a multi-site survey

Effect of an Interactive Website to Engage Patients in Advance Care Planning in Outpatient Settings

Effect of “Speak Up” educational tools to engage patients in advance care planning in outpatient healthcare settings: A prospective before-after study

Short Graphic Values History Tool for decision making during serious illness

Need clear and consistent message about masks– E Hui, A Tan, A Tran, J Kwan, C Gibson, G Tropini, J Vipond, K Pirzada, C Huang

Barriers to and enablers of advance care planning with patients in primary care: Survey of health care providers

Older patient engagement in advance care planning in Canadian primary care practices: Results of a multisite survey

Recognizing difficult trade-offs: values and treatment preferences for end-of-life care in a multi-site survey of adult patients in family practices

Development and Psychometric Properties of a Survey to Assess Barriers to Implementing Advance Care Planning in Primary Care

Medical Education:

Patient-centred education: How do learners’ perceptions change as they experience clinical training? S Fong, A Tan, J Czpryn, A Oswald

Shared Canadian Curriculum in Family Medicine (SHARC-FM): Creating a national consensus on relevant and practical training for medical students– D Keegan, I Scott, M Sylvester, Amy Tan, K Horrey, WW Weston

Supporting medical students in family medicine training- D Keegan, I Scott, A Tan, K Horrey, Tissera H

Death is not always a failure: outcomes from implementing an online virtual patient clinical case in palliative care for family medicine clerkship -Amy Tan, S Ross, K Duerkson

Med Educ Online 2013 Nov 22;18:22711. 

doi: 10.3402/meo.v18i0.22711

Developing an integrated evidence-based medicine curriculum for family medicine residency at the University of Alberta- -GM Allen, C Korownyk, A Tan, H Hindle, L Kung, D Manca